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Paracelsus Duo was established in the year 2018, marking the collaboration between the exceptional guitarist, Călin Grigoriu - undoubtedly Romania's most versatile guitarist, who excels not only as a brilliant soloist and an impeccable accompanist but also as an excellent orchestrator, arranger and composer and the highly talented cellist, Andrei Kivu - the first Romanian cellist to perform Bach's complete Suites in a single concert and the only cellist in the world to transcribe and perform Bach's Violin Sonatas and Partitas. Their artistic vision is both innovative and daring, encompassing a diverse repertoire that ranges from the classical compositions to contemporary pieces. The ensemble thrives on performing predominantly transcribed works originally composed for other instruments and ingeniously arranged by the creative genius of Călin Grigoriu.

As the name suggests, Paracelsus Duo is on a quest for the Alchemy of Sound that, beyond being an artistic creed, it is the very foundation of music itself. Both musicians firmly believe that music transcends craftsmanship and becomes an art when it possesses the alchemical power to transform the emotions and experiences. With every appearance, Paracelsus Duo explores uncharted territories of sound, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of music. Either classical or contemporary, sacred or experimental, improvisational or jazz, their interpretations are not only fresh and innovative but also true to the essence of the music. Since 2018, Paracelsus Duo has been invited to prestigious stages in France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Romania, with some of their concerts broadcasted live on major radio stations, such as Radio France Internationale.

Cervantes Cultural Institute

Paracelsus Duo not only makes a cultural reference to Jorge Luis Borges' wonderful and revelatory “The Rose of Paracelsus” but also consistently succeeds in translating the fundamental principles of Alchemy into music.

Observator Cultural

The fusion of these two artists, manifested through the expressive sounds of the two instruments, is an important step towards the future of this rare instrumental formula.


The two highly skilled musicians surprise with freshness and, at the same time, the accuracy of their interpretations at each new appearance.
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